Working Groups / Forums

As we seek to support leaders, managers, teachers and business support staff to share best and next practice we are operating a number of Working Groups where staff can meet regularly to share resources, discuss challenges and create innovative solutions.

Our current list of Working Groups and Forums are listed below:


Who Should Attend

Meeting Dates

Meeting Times

Primary Head Teacher’s Forum

Primary Head Teachers

19th September 2017
21st November 2017
30th January 2018
27th March 2018
22nd May 2018
3rd July 2018


Secondary Head Teacher’s Forum

Secondary Head Teachers

4th October 2017
24th January 2018
25th April 2018
20th June 2018


FE/HE Meeting

FE and HE Senior Leaders

11th October 2017
14th March 2018
20th June 2018


Cross-Phase Leaders’ Forum

Senior representatives
from each phase

17th October 2017
20th March 2018
26th June 2018


School Business Managers/
Business Development Working Group

School Business Managers and Business Development staff

19th October 2017
15th March 2018
21st June 2018


Employer Forum

Senior representatives from each phase and employer partners



Sustaining Inclusion/Pastoral Care Working Group

Pastoral Care Leads

27th September 2017
1st November 2017
29th November 2017


Skills, Employability and Careers Working Group

Careers Advisors and Senior Leads

28th September 2017
28th November 2017
13th February 2018
22nd March 2018
24th May 2018
28th June 2018


Curriculum Leads Working Groups

Curriculum Leads across various curriculum areas



STEM Strategy Working Group

STEM Leads

21st September 2017
25th January 2018
3rd May 2018


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