PRESS RELEASE: Titan Partnership has been successful in securing share of first £16.2m allocated to tackle violent youth crime

Birmingham charity, Titan Partnership, successful in securing share of first £16.2m allocated to tackle violent youth crime


In the first grant round of the Youth Endowment Fund established with a £200 million endowment from the Home Office, the Titan Partnership supported by Lime and Emerge Leadership is one of the 22 successful projects across England and Wales to share in £16.2m to help prevent youth offending by intervening early to stop children getting involved in crime.

The Confident, Resilient Children (CRC) project will reach around 7200 children in years 5 and 6 in primary schools across Birmingham. The aim of the project is to help children develop strategies that build resilience and confidence that will ultimately keep them safe and less vulnerable to exploitation and criminality.

The CRC project is an early intervention approach that uses innovative interactive digital stories developed by Lime, and a targeted mentoring programme by Emerge Leadership to address attitudes, thinking and behaviours. The project is both universal and targeted in nature. Titan Partnership is managing this project providing the direct link into schools and working closely with the evaluation teams to assess impact.

The Youth Endowment Fund is dedicated to building an evidence base to determine what works, and support improved outcomes for children and young people. Each project will be evaluated to develop and share knowledge of the types of interventions which are most effective at preventing young people from being drawn in to crime and violence.

30,000 young people between the ages of 10-14 will directly benefit from ground-breaking interventions that the Youth Endowment Fund will support, evaluate and where they are shown to have impact, grow.

As one of the first grantees, Titan joins a diverse group of organisations that are adapting well established programmes with good evidence from other parts of the world, as well as newer community projects testing more innovative approaches.


Carolyn Chapman-Lees, Chief Executive Officer, Titan Partnership said:

“This fund could not come at a more pertinent time. Child criminal exploitation and gang violence are plaguing communities across Birmingham. At the heart of these communities our schools are doing their very best to protect and safeguard young people, but they need support. The Confident Resilient Children project not only addresses vulnerability but most importantly helps younger people to develop the skills to make better decisions and positive choices that will impact upon their futures. Titan is privileged to be one of the first grantees to be awarded this fund and with our partners, Lime and Emerge Leadership, we’re excited to be working with primary schools across the city.”

Mark Ashfield, Founder & CEO of Lime commented,

“Our research shows that children and young people are more vulnerable to influence than ever before, particularly in an increasingly digital world. The Choices Programme, which is the universal aspect of the CRC project, was developed to help them understand this, providing a framework for making good decisions and supporting them in navigating a rapidly-changing society to successfully build their own better futures.”

Errol Lawson, Director, Emerge Leadership UK said,

“At Emerge Leadership we are committed to the holistic growth and development of young people of all ages.  We are excited to be embarking on this journey and about our innovative partnership with Titan and Lime. The Confident Resilient Children project that will have an impact upon thousands of young people across Birmingham ultimately helping them make better choices and improving their life chances.”

Sir Kevan Collins, Chair of the Youth Endowment Fund said:

“The safety and wellbeing of young people is our first priority. Our first round of grants is the start of a 10 year programme of work designed to build a better understanding of what works to prevent young people being drawn into crime and violence.”

Andy Ratcliffe from the Youth Endowment Fund said:

“Young people being drawn into violent crime is an issue of huge concern for communities right across the country. The Youth Endowment Fund is a serious long-term commitment to tackling this problem. We’ll fund, support and evaluate front line interventions to start making a difference now, while building a knowledge base of what works, what doesn’t and where we need to focus our resources.”




Notes to Editors

About Titan Partnership

The Titan Partnership is a unique cross-phase network of Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, FE Colleges, Private Training Providers and Universities in Birmingham. With a focus on inclusion, collaboration, skills and employability we are helping our young people to create opportunity, gain meaningful employment and to generate prosperity for themselves and their communities. Working with employers and community partners we are transforming young lives by unlocking potential, raising aspiration and developing the skills for success and through our specialist Initial Teacher Training Programme we are developing the teachers and leaders of tomorrow.

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About the Youth Endowment Fund

The Youth Endowment Fund is an independent organisation founded with an endowment of £200m over ten years from the Home Office, as part of its Serious Violence Strategy. It aims to prevent children and young people from getting caught up in crime and violence by making sure that those at most risk get the best possible support, as early as possible.

It will support interventions and community partnerships working with children at risk of being drawn into crime and violence, and build up our knowledge of what works to prevent that.

Focusing on 10-14 year olds across England and Wales, it is run by youth charity Impetus, in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) and Social Investment Business (SIB).

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