Enterprise in Action Project

Enterprise in Action Project

The second phase of  project was launched on Thursday 7th November at North Birmingham Academy. It was designed to explore and practice the skills that young people need to perhaps set up your own businesses in the future and become their very own boss. It seeks to develop key life skills like resilience, teamwork, leadership and, above all else, confidence.

The first instalment of the project started earlier in the year at Titan St Georges Academy (TSGA), and was extended based on the success of that. At TSGA there was improvement in the participating students’ attendance, punctuality, behaviour andsocial skills. This was evident from the school, parents, and the children who all reported there was significant improvement in these areas after the project. The project was an early intervention model for young people at risk of criminality by showing them the alternative of self-employment and enterprise.

Students are supported by mentors and by local entrepreneurs. They showed the students how a positive mentality, combined with positive behaviours can enable them to have a successful future.

This project will be ending in early 2020 and will culminate in a business idea showcase and celebration event for all of the students who have taken part. Their families and friends will also be invited to attend the showcase/celebration event.

The project has been funded by the Office of the Police Crime Commissioner, managed by Titan and delivered by three partners that specialise in enterprise and mentoring for young people;

  • Emerge Leadership
  • First Class Legacy
  • Ultra Education

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