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County Lines groups impose high levels of violence, including the prevalent use of weapons and firearms.

County Lines groups continue to pose a significant threat to vulnerable people. Victims are exposed to varying levels of exploitation including physical, mental and sexual harm.

National Crime Agency - County Lines Violence, Exploitation & Drug Supply Report (2017)

Reported individuals associated with County Lines carrying knifes
Reported exploitation of children in County Lines
Reported CSE as a factor with County Lines

Aspire4U CIC (Community Interest Company) is a not for profit community engagement organisation that uses the arts as a vehicle to steer mindsets towards wellbeing, financial literacy & employability. We help young people, families, and communities reimagine their lives so they can create better futures, with their own ideas and perceptions taking the forefront of our work. We use online and real-life experiences to develop mindsets necessary for stronger communities. We passionately believe in our core foundations for mindset growth: understanding techniques, understanding money and understanding the mind.


This resource will provide an overview of the work undertaken by BCT and its partners in tackling gangs and criminal exploitation. This will provide opportunities to explore how we can protect children through contextual safeguarding, and make every effort to reduce vulnerabilities through early intervention.


This resource will introduce participants to a variety of programmes and interventions that focus on enterprise, mentoring and skills development that provide young people with alternatives to criminality.


These resources will provide an overview of the student focused interventions and staff training that this school undertakes in supporting and protecting its students from the risks associated with CCE and County Lines. It will showcase some of its success stories and positive impact from this preventative work with young people.


This resource draws from research showing that young people are more open to influence than ever before, particularly in an increasingly digital world and showcases innovative work currently being delivered locally to help young people understand who they are, the process of making good choices and importantly what drives those choices.


This resource uses extracts from Loudmouth’s successful primary and secondary programmes on child exploitation. The extracts will include drama and interactive activities to illustrate the approaches the company uses to engage children and young people about different forms of child exploitation including CSE and County Lines.


The project supports girls aged 8-18 years across Birmingham who are at risk of, or involved in Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), through a third party, family member or friend. In partnership with the Birmingham Police and Schools Panels, our early intervention project uses a whole family approach in order to prevent Child Criminal Exploitation.

Childrens Society

The Disrupting Exploitation Programme is a national programme working in partnership across local areas to support young people, find patterns and problems in the system that respond to young people and work on solution to disrupt exploitation, with a particular focus on child criminal exploitation.


An overview of the challenges presented by CCE and County Lines in Birmingham and how schools, the police and community groups might work together to better support young people at risk of CCE and getting involved in County Lines.

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