About Us

Welcome to the Titan Partnership, a unique education network of Primary and Secondary Schools, FE Colleges, Universities and Private Training Providers in Birmingham.

2017/18 was a very successful year for Titan. With a re-focused membership offer we not only saw our network grow but also employer engagement increase and strategic partnerships start to flourish. This is because Titan is driven entirely by the needs of our members who inform and shape our strategic direction and priorities. In an increasingly challenging education environment, Titan is proud to support leaders and teachers in demonstrating the resilience, tenacity and innovation needed to build successful and sustainable organisations.

With a focus on inclusion, diversity, collaboration, skills and employability, Titan is providing the support that your staff and students need in order to succeed, and by working with employers across the city we are transforming the lives of young people, unlocking their potential and raising aspirations. Also, through our specialist Initial Teacher Training Programmes, NQT and CPD offers, we are supporting schools to recruit and retain the very best leaders and teachers of tomorrow.

Titan looks forward to working with you in 2018/19 as we continue to provide our members with exceptional value for money, benefit and impact. Together we are making a real difference to the lives of children and young people across the city of Birmingham.

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