Managed Move Mentoring Project

The Managed Move Mentoring (MMM) programme was funded by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (WMPCC) and was led by Titan Partnership.

The programme was based around four key themes: attitude, behaviour, attendance and progress with an anticipated impact leading towards improved achievement.

This project had a very specific mentoring framework that provided enhanced mentoring support to young people placed on a Managed Move in the North West of Birmingham. The project’s objectives were:

  • To help affect a positive Managed Move for students that will, in the long term, decrease permanent exclusions.
  • To support young people to settle into their new school quickly and effectively.
  • To assist young people to demonstrate positive behaviours and attitudes for learning.
  • To help students on a Managed Move to achieve and progress to the best of their abilities and to increase aspirations for their own learning and future careers.

The Managed Move process can be, by its very nature, a challenging and daunting prospect for any young person and even more so for those with a history of challenges around their school and personal life. This mentoring programme aimed to instill key positive behaviours that will help young people have a successful Managed Move to a new school.

The programme had a real impact on those young people involved with mentors providing the intensive support needed to help the students settle into their new schools whilst improving their confidence and self-belief, all of which are crucial to academic achievement.