Schools 4 Inclusion

Whole-school approach for inclusive education of migrant, refugee and asylum seeking children and unaccompanied minors (Schools 4 Inclusion) project

The “Schools 4 Inclusion” project proposes the elaboration of an effective strategy for the evolvement of the school into an inclusive environment, conductive to the successful integration of children of migrant background. The project proposes the development of the “Inclusive Education Whole-School Approach”.


S4I Transnational Meeting – Birmingham (March 2020)

On the 5th and 6th of March 2020 Titan welcomed our project partners to Birmingham for the Schools 4 Inclusion kick-off Transnational Meeting. It was an opportunity for partners to come together in person and work collaboratively to move to project forward. All phases of the project were discussed and we are excited to begin the work we will be able to showcase over the next few years. The next meeting is to be held in Portugal in July.

S4I Virtual meetings – 13th May and 12th June 2020

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID–19 crisis, project partners had to postpone the transnational meeting due to take place at the beginning of July in Portugal. However, this has not prevented work moving forward with project partners attending regular virtual meetings. The meeting on 13th May saw partners discuss plans for the inclusive education guidelines due to be finalised later in the summer and partners will use the next meeting on 12th June to do the same for the project’s toolkit. Both the guidelines and toolkit are being developed to support schools and teachers in implementing a fully inclusive education environment.


S4I Project Update – September 2020

On the 7th September 2020 project partners held their latest Virtual meeting. It is hopeful that a physical transnational meeting will be able to take place before the end of term as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, the project team has been finalising the ‘Inclusive Education Guidelines’. It is exciting to see this European document come together, and we look forward to being able to share it. Titan is a lead partner in the development of this document with the additional responsibility of writing content on Inclusive Education as it relates to Curriculum and Pedagogy.

For this task, a thank you must go to Raheem Zafar from Broadway Academy who wrote an excellent piece of work using his extensive knowledge and experience in this area. It will go a long way to driving inclusive education developments in schools across Europe, starting with 15 schools across 5 countries in the pilot of the project next academic year.

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