Employer Forum

Titan is pleased to announce a NEW network for employers and organisations that wish to engage with local schools.  We appreciate just how challenging it can be for employers to engage successfully with schools, as you develop your future talent pipelines and seek to achieve CSR objectives.


We therefore plan to bring a group of like-minded local organisations together three times a year to discuss issues of direct importance to you, including:


  • Updates on the education system, e.g. the new education environment, the new GCSE grading system, new qualifications, etc.;
  • Updates on careers education programmes in schools and the Gatsby Benchmarks;
  • How best to engage with local schools and colleges for mutual benefit;
  • Examples of best practice in working with schools and colleges;
  • What YOU can offer to schools and colleges;
  • How engaging with schools and colleges can benefit your organisation;
  • How Titan Partnership can support employers to engage successfully with schools and colleges.


If you would like to attend the next Employer Forum meeting please contact Kim Newman at: kim.newman@titan.org.uk

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