The Impact of Titan Membership

'At Lozells Primary we’ve had real value from Titan membership. Our students take part in Aston Olympians, the Careers & Skills Fair and the CBSO ‘All Kinds of Everything’ project and one of our Year 5 students has been a Titan All Star! Our teachers have attended a number of moderation sessions, all of which have really supported our quality assurance processes. Finally, I have found the Headteacher meetings to be extremely worthwhile in terms of sharing ideas and finding solutions to the challenges we face together. In a nutshell, Titan saves us time and money whilst creating benefit and impact across our school.’

Avnish Dhesi, Headteacher, Lozells Primary School

‘We try to ensure that our children are able to take advantage of every opportunity that Titan puts in front of us. These projects are helping our children to build their confidence, develop their creative skills and to foster a positive, have-a-go attitude. We are most definitely seeing a direct and positive articulation of these newly developed skills through improved performance and attainment in the classroom.’

Senior Leadership Team, Chilwell Croft Academy

“Meeting up with other like-minded people at the Titan meetings has benefitted our school immensely. I have found the Titan Head  Teacher meetings both well organised, informative, and yet relaxed enough for individuals to contribute, ask questions, and discuss matters that may be on everyone’s minds. I will definitely be attending these in 2020/21.”
Huda Aslam, Head Teacher, Ladypool Primary School

“The Titan Secondary Head Teacher meetings and wider portfolio of working groups are extremely valuable both to myself and staff across our school. The challenges facing our schools, because of the
wider Covid-19 crisis, require a collaborative and open approach in order to implement effective solutions. Titan has enabled me to have easy access to like-mind school leaders who understand the local education context. It has been reassuring to share and discuss school circumstances and responses to government guidance, and to be able to get a sense of the bigger picture, and that what we are doing is in line with other similar schools. Titan also supports schools to share key areas of expertise and resources which creates real cost efficiencies and opportunities to showcase some of the great work that happens across the Titan network.”
Katherine Marston, Head Teacher, St. John Wall Catholic School


“As a Head Teacher I have found Titan’s meetings absolutely invaluable. With the opportunity to network with experienced leaders from across the Titan network and the ability to share and test ideas, I feel I am better positioned to sustain and build upon the successes of our school. The meetings are truly collaborative in nature and provide a safe space for open and honest discussion.”
Jill Sweeney, Headteacher, Aston Manor Academy

'The SENDCo meetings are incredibly valuable to the members as we share lots of good practice within the group and it has enabled us to network with other SENDCo's in our local area.  We have identified areas that we would like to discuss further in the future and the difficulties that we are all experiencing and trying to work together to address these difficulties'.

Lucy Chinn - Assistant Principal, St. John Wall Catholic School

“The Titan Primary Leads meetings, and the resultant opportunities to engage with the Titan community, have proven to be valuable resources for our school. The forum for sharing ideas and best practice, whether subject specific or generic, has given new leaders a wealth of experience to draw upon, whilst allowing experienced staff to offer their support. Notably, the flexible meeting format, facilitated by Titan Partnership staff, has allowed for member schools to table their most up-to-date successes and challenges.”
Richard Woodfield, Year 5 Maths Lead, Phase 3 Coordinator, Brownmead Academy

“The Titan Careers and Skills Group is a great place to get updated on what’s happening in the world of careers and employability. In particular, for a post 16 provider like South and City College Birmingham it’s great to be able to communicate with all the local schools to raise awareness of our offer, to network, and create partnerships.”
Balraj Singh, Assistant Director, Admissions Schools IAG & Careers, South and City College Birmingham

CPD and Training

‘The ACE session was well presented and Ross did an excellent job of modelling the content throughout the morning so that staff were able to take away first-hand experience of the resources and strategies being explore. The delivery was pacey with a smooth transition between activities making the time fly. Staff clearly enjoyed the session and it was a fantastic way to get teachers and teaching assistants from both our primary and secondary schools collaborating on the creative team challenges that were presented. Feedback was very positive and we are really pleased that Titan was able to deliver this training for us.’

Senior Leadership Team, King Solomon International Business School

'Well facilitated and with a clear high level of knowledge to the topics presented.' – Ross Trafford - Principal, Holyhead school

'The process of designing and creating and the hands-on experience will be of significant benefit when delivering to students in the classroom and the opportunity to network with other STEAM staff was most welcome!'

Titan Teacher, Bloodhound STEAM Staff Development Day

The NQT training programme conducted by Ross Anderson at Titan was really fantastic. The sessions were well organised and the contents were thought provoking. It made me empathise with my students’ learning experience and rethink how to prepare, plan, execute, and provide feedback for my lessons. The best part, the activities were fun and had such a positive vibe, which was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Ross!”

Gouri Baldwin, former Titan trainee and NQT at Aston Manor Academy

“Titan has delivered two Design Thinking workshops for Blakesley
Hall Primary School, one for senior leaders and one for all school staff. The sessions have been instrumental in creating a new culture of innovation and creativity, skills that are absolutely vital in the current education climate. Not only were the sessions of real value
to our school, the staff really enjoyed working in a different way which created new ideas and solutions quickly and cost effectively”.
Heather Phillips, Executive Head Teacher for Blakesley Hall and Bordesley Green Primary Schools

Activities and Events

‘This was a really inspiring day for our students. Most don’t know what they want to do yet so they were really excited to learn about jobs they didn’t know existed. Visually it was so engaging and was really fun and interactive. They loved it!’

Naomi Francis, Learning Mentor, Yew Tree Primary School

'These types of events are very important to the future generations of Birmingham as the city evolves at an exciting rate.'

Thomas Beckett - Engagement Officer, Access Creative College

'Thouroughly enjoyable and a must for any pupils you feel need a little guidance. There were just enough activities and companies at the event to keep pupils busy for the hour. They are still talking about the event!'

Laura Ellis - Head of Year 7, St. John Wall Catholic School

 ‘The information shared by the keynote speakers was from the heart. They acknowledged deep-rooted inequality and institutional racism that most BAME individuals have experienced, and still experience as they strive for excellence within their own career paths towards leadership. Speakers acknowledged and re-affirmed that it was time to address the imbalance. A fresh start and new beginning for BAME is on the horizon and it is indeed welcomed. Thank you!’

Attendee - Diversity in Leadership Conference

“The Titan Virtual Careers fair has allowed me to send the kids into their summer break on one last hoorah! They have been working so hard in lockdown that I didn’t want them to have to think about their
pathways, I wanted them to have fun and take their time and if they learned anything then that was a bonus. Over 50% of my Year 7 and 8 cohort accessed the virtual fair in the first 3 days of receiving it.This has allowed more of the cohorts to access what only a few would have done previously. They have all loved it and I’m so grateful to Titan for putting it together – it’s brilliant!”
Dee Long, Careers Adviser, North Birmingham Academy

“I was sad we couldn’t go to the trip as that would have been really
good but it was still fun to look at the virtual fair. There was a lot of information on there but it wasn’t boring or too much reading because there were different bits you could click on. I didn’t know there was so many things you can do for learning like all the different colleges or training places you can go.”
Morgan Hinks – Year 7

Funded Projects

“The discussions have been really interesting. We want to expand on these conversations with our children so they can correlate these situations with everyday life.”
CRC Champion - Lozells Primary School

“The children were all engaged and I’m looking forward to delivering the next sessions with them.”
Teacher - Colebourne Primary School

“The following morning children were still excited from the previous lesson and asked whether were doing it today also. The children all had positive comments to say regarding the session.”
CRC Champion - Bordesley Village Primary School

“The programme has been great so far. Children are really engaged with Kwan’s story. There has been lots of content to facilitate discussion and children have explored many concepts.”
CRC Champion - Conway Primary School

“Steam School has encouraged our pupils to think, question, create and collaborate. It has been a great addition to our curriculum and parents love it too!”
Kam Nisa, Science Lead, Lozells Primary School

“We used the Steam School Mission ‘Feed the World’ as a year 7 cross-curricula project. It was brilliant.”
Varinder Sandhu, Assistant Head Teacher and STEM Lead, Holte School

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