Working Groups / Forums

As we seek to support leaders, managers, teachers and business support staff to share best and next practice we are operating a number of Working Groups where staff can meet regularly to share resources, discuss challenges and create innovative solutions.

Our current list of Working Groups and Forums are listed below. For further information and to view our full programme of activity please click here.

Please note that all Titan meetings, events and activities will take place virtually until the December 2020 at the earliest, when this will be reviewed in accordance with government guidance.

New for 2020/21


Who Should Attend

Meeting Dates

Meeting Times

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

EDI leads and champions

Tuesday 6th October 2020

Further meetings will be scheduled following discussion at the first meeting.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Working Group

Mental health and wellbeing leads and champions

Wednesday 11th October 2020 Wednesday 3rd February 2021 Wednesday 7th July 2021


Early Years Foundation Studies Group

EYFS leads and practitioners

Tuesday 10th November 2020      Tuesday 9th March 2021                  Tuesday 22nd June 2021


Continuing in 2020/21


Who Should Attend

Meeting Dates

Meeting Times

Primary Headteachers' Meeting

Primary Headteachers

Tuesday 29th September 2020                    Tuesday 12th January 2021            Tuesday 27th April 2021                Tuesday 29th June 2021


Secondary Headteachers' Meeting

Secondary Headteachers

Wednesday 7th October 2020
Wednesday 20th January 2021 Wednesday 28th April 2021      Wednesday 30th June 2021


Deputy Headteachers' Meeting

Deputy Headteachers

Thursday 15th October 2020        Thursday 28th January 2021        Thursday 6th May 2021


Curriculum Leads' Meetings

Curriculum Leads across a variety of areas

W/C 23rd September 2020                    W/C 20th January 2021                          W/C 14th June 2021


SENDCo Leads' Meetings

SENDCo leads

Thursday 1st October 2020                      Thursday 28th January 2021        Thursday 1st July 2021


PSHE and Pastoral Leads' Meetings

PSHE and Pastoral leads

Wednesday 16th September 2020              Wednesday 13th January 2021      Tuesday 6th July 2021


Year 6 to 7 Transition Taskforce Meetings

Primary and Secondary staff

Thursday 1st October 2020          Thursday 25th February 2021      Thursday 17th June 2021


Child Criminal Exploitation Working Group

Senior representatives and DSLs

Thursday 5th November 2020      Thursday 11th March 2021          Thursday 24th June 2021


STEAM Inclusion Group

STEAM subject leads from each phase

Thursday 8th October 2020          Thursday 21st January 2021        Thursday 1st July 2021


Careers and Skills Group

Careers leads, outreach, student progression and recruitment staff

Thursday 24th September 2020    Tuesday 24th November 2020      Tuesday 9th February 2021          Thursday 29th April 2021              Thursday 8th July 2021


Post-16 Group

FE, HE, and PTP staff

Wednesday 4th November 2020      Wednesday 10th March 2021  Wednesday 23rd June 2021


Employer Forum

Employer and strategic partners

Thursday 12th November 2020    Thursday 25th March 2021          Thursday 10th June 2021


School Business Managers' Group

School Business Managers and Bursars

Thursday 15th October 2020        Thursday 4th February 2021        Thursday 20th May 2021


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