Curriculum Leads Meetings update

January and February saw the second round of Titan’s Curriculum Leads’ meetings.  During these successful meetings, representatives from different departments within the Titan Partnership met to discuss current issues and initiatives within their specific areas.  Some useful discussions were held surrounding the new Ofsted framework and the voice of schools that had already been through the process was most valuable to attendees.  Information and minutes can be viewed on Basecamp, where you can also browse and upload resources that have been posted there.

 In the current climate, there may be useful information that could be used for online and distance learning for your pupils – so please feel free to share.  If you do not have access to this or would like a link to be resent, then please get in touch with me at .

We also are beginning to establish a primary network in order to facilitate good practice and idea sharing across English, maths, science and computer science.

The next round of meetings will be held virtually in June / July and I look forward to seeing everyone there.  In the mean time, stay healthy and safe.

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